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4seasonswildlife removal 11-12-2015

Five Tips On Choosing  A Good Wildlife Removal Service

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Just recently bounties were placed on coyote and wolves that encroach on cattle ranches, residences and cow farms in Calgary, Alberta. Some residents made bounties to attract wannabe bounty hunters to hunt down the free roaming canids. As a result, bounty hunters killed around 14000 to 25,000 wolves and coyotes. The bounty was $500 for each wolf and $15 for coyotes. On the other hand, Alberta biologists objected to the bounty measures, exclaiming that the measure was inhumane and ineffective. They cited from their recent research conclusion that animal bounty hunting do not curb predator attacks, but professional wildlife trapping does.

This recent news brings an underlying message that DIY wildlife is likely to produce unexpected results such as accidental animal bites, fires on homes and forest, and inhumane animal trappings and killings. Now, clearly, professional wildlife is still the best solution for curbing wild beast encroachment. The question is how you can know if that wild removal service is the best among the companies? Here are the tips on choosing an active wild removal service.

  • Image title1. Research the Internet for referrals and honest reviews – The internet is laden with sites that discuss companies along with their client’s reviews. Some are honest while the other was just plucked from bogus claims. Reviews can give insight on how that company performed, how it handled the wild removal situation. Often customers will detail right from the first contact until the finishing of contract.

  • Image title2. Backup research with consultation – Backup your internet research with discussion from trusted friends and current or past customers. They can give honest opinions and might tell details of a specific wild life removal such as the trapping a raccoon, removing bats that made your house their cave or squirrels that raided your garbage cans. Plus, consulting with government agencies such as the ministry of natural resources - www.mnr.gov.on.ca can help you get more about wild removal resources list.

  • Image title3. Speak with the employees – The employees have extensive knowledge about how they handle animals and if their actions follow the laws on wildlife removal methods. A law mandated on 1999, Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act tell that wildlife should be released 24 hours from capture. It also prescribes that the animal should not be moved beyond 1 kilometer from where it was caught.

  • Image title4. Look for an insured and accredited company – A reputable company might have insurance and accreditation with BBB or better business bureau and WSIB or Workplace Safety Insurance Board. BBB sets standards for their industry members. WSIB provides access liability insurance and access to health and safety info for workers. The accreditation helps companies to be standardized and check if that company follows safety standards and training.

  • Image title5. Choose a company with good reputation and business standing – A good wildlife removal has easy to reach contacts namely – calling cards, customer service hotline available even on emergency needs. They might have an excellent website where you read what is all about their services and products, their guarantees on wildlife removal and their contacts. Additionally, a company in good business standing has been in existence for years. Although this does not mean new wild removal companies aren’t good as veteran ones, the latter’s years of experience and years of reputation with its clients are a sign of good business standing.

Do you have problems with pigeon droppings in your attic or roosting and recently turned your roof shingles into a mural of pigeon poos? Or wonder why your waste bins are always upside down? We are here to solve your problems. At Four season’s wildlife service, we have tools, professional team and years of experiences to deal with any types of wild animals. Learn more about us when you visit our site at  http://www.fourseasonswildliferemoval.com



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