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4seasonswildlife removal 09-28-2015

Wildlife Removal: Why Should You Seek Professional Help?

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Canada is a vast country with temperate, boreal, mountain, and southeastern climates as well as various animals and plants. Because of urbanization and climate change, occasionally animals had already encroached into cities. When animals decide to get their share of city space, these happens - coyotes roam the streets just like a citizen; raccoons climb dustbins to rummage for food and monkeys pry trash cans for thrown leftovers, and pigeons roost in attics, leaving unsightly droppings. Unknowingly, you might be sharing a room with opossums – there they are up in your ceiling - a mother nourishing her babies. Wild animals can cause many risks such as parasites, nuisance, odor, droppings and damage to properties. Removing these animals may seem easy, but in reality, it’s not. Why seek professional help for wildlife removal services in Toronto and what are the benefits? Below discusses why it’s better to have a wildlife removal professional to tackle that problem.

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Wildlife Removal Services helps manage nuisance wildlife – If there is no wildlife removal, stray animals and pests can multiply quickly and cause the unwanted home invasion. Raccoons, such as, are known to open waste bins’ cover in search of food or climb trees and start to make your roof, crawl spaces, chimneys, behind walls and ductwork as their playground and territory. They were also known to open jars, open bags, and even open door knobs. Secondly, rats which are the most successful of all wildlife invaders, can multiply quickly, gnaw on foods in the kitchen, damage wiring, cause fires or transmit disease. Bees such as carpenter bees can bore holes in your furniture to start caring for their larvae while honeybees can turn your nearby garden tree branch into their instant beehive. Indeed, you won’t want to mess with them unless you are impervious to bee stings. With wildlife removal, you are assured of professional help which can efficiently manage and prevent recurring nuisance animal invasions.

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Helps prevent the spread of diseases from infected animals – Removing wildlife contributes to preventing the spread of diseases and parasites from infected animals. Infected raccoons may carry parasites such as Baylisascaris procyonids or raccoon roundworm, a roundworm nematode found in raccoon’s feces. When someone’s food got contaminated by fecal matter, the host can also ingest hundreds to thousands of eggs and thus infection ensues. Mice multiply easily and can transmit leptospirosis and the infamous bubonic plague. Likewise, skunks can be rabies vectors, only just trailing raccoons in statistics. If you plan to catch skunks via DIY method, think about its spray that is nasty and smells like burnt rubber.

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Wildlife removal services can give professional help – In terms efficiency, wildlife removal services can quickly and proficiently remove animals whether it’s a roaming bear, a tomato munching deer, feral cats that meow in the evening, and pigeons that can dump droppings on your car or roofing. They can also remove dead animals such as rats and its indescribable odor and apply clean up after removal. Wildlife removal services are professionally trained to handle different kinds of animals to minimize danger to the homeowner, to themselves and carry out humane removal.

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Wildlife Removal is Humane method of animal control and nuisance prevention – The cause of wild animal encroachment might be the loss of their habitat, climate change or negligence on the part of humans. They go to urban areas to look for food and shelter. And when they get used to feeding by humans, such as in the case of raccoon, they become feed dependent. Removing animals can’t be just simply as shooting them with air gun or pistols or by applying poison since both methods are counterproductive and inhumane. Wild removal services are both efficient and humane.

Do you have problems with pigeon droppings in your attic or roosting and recently turned your roof shingles into a mural of pigeon poos? Or wonder why your waste bins are always upside down? We are here to solve your problems. At Four season’s wildlife service, we have tools, professional team and years of experiences to deal with any types of wild animals. Learn more about us when you visit our site at  http://www.fourseasonswildliferemoval.comhttp://www.fourseasonswildliferemoval.com



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