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fourseasonswildliferemoval 02-29-2016

Four Fun Facts On Opposums That Resemble Rats

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Opposums resemble large white rats, they  are marsupials that carry pouches to nurture there undeveloped young. Unlike placental mammals that bear developed young and carries out development inside their bodies, opossums are born inside their sac or pouches. The word opossum came from Proto Algonquian word op (white) assom (dog) that means white beast or white dog. They inhabit Central American countries, Mexico, the United States and some parts of Canada. Since they can thrive from tropical to temperate conditions and can rapidly multiply, they were able to reproduce quickly and became an invasive species.



* Opossums are mammals that belong to infraclass marsupial that includes kangaroos and koalas.

* They are omnivores that diet on fruits, pet food, garbage, bird seat, frogs, birds, snails,

* They have the gestation period of 12-13 days that is two weeks. A newly born infant is a size of a dime and remains in mothers pouch for 2 and half months before climbing out of mothers pouch.

* Their average lifespan was four years but can be shortened due to predators such as humans, cats, and dogs.


As a wildlife nuisance

 Because of their rapid reproduction rate, adaptability to various environment and climate opossums became a successful invasive species such as feral cats, rats, and raccoons. Their scavenging habit such as rummaging through trash bins, hiding in the garage, wood piles, shrub, bushes and even in pianos. They are usually attracted to bird seeds, cat or dog fat that encourage their habit of wandering around or inside human residences.


How to deal with possums

* Avoid leaving food leftovers in trash bins.

* Avoid creating open spaces that can serve as opossums shelters such as wood piles, metal scrap piles, and junk appliances.

* Cover trash bins and never leave pet food during the night

* Use a metal mesh or electric fences to keep away possums

* Use a food triggered cage trap for humane opposed removal

* Contact a reliable wildlife nuisance removal service

* Use mothballs or ammonia in possible hiding places


Fun facts about opossums

* Opossums are resistant to snake venom

* They can play dead if cornered. This behavior is called playing possum that also includes the secretion of foul smelling liquid. Together with foul smelling liquid and playing dead, the animal can trick its enemy or wanna be the predator that it is dead.

* They are resistant to rabies and less likely to contract it

* Since they need calcium in their diet, they often eat skeletons of road-killed animals, snakes, and rodents.

* They are intelligent animals that can remember their food and work their way out of maze









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