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At A Glance: Feral Pigeons 12-31-2015

At A Glance: Feral Pigeons

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It symbolized peace as a bird with the olive branch and became a military message carrier and domesticated just like fowls. Pigeons are great birds and have helped humans for thousands of years as messengers. |During ancient past, where telegrams and telephones are non-existent, people used pigeons to carry messages to destinations even thousands of miles away. On the other hand, what happens when Pigeons got too many and became feral? They got accustomed to human-made structures and made them as one of their habitats.


Physical Description

    * Pigeons have size around 32-37 cm and have dark bluish, greenish or reddish iridescence on their feathers and wings.

    * Their eyes have red to orange irises.

    * Red legs and feet

Reproduction and care

    * Belongs to Columbiformes order which includes bronzewing, spotted dove and zebra dove.

    * Feeds young with crop milk which is a secretion found in the bird's crop lining. Crop milk is necessary to source of nutrition for squabs (young pigeons)

    * Their eggs hatch within 18 days

    * Incubation of eggs is 17-19 days

    * Life span is 3 to 15 years depending on many limiting factors such as diseases, predation, and natural disasters.

As Feral animals

           * Since they reproduce so quickly, they became harder to control. The lack of natural predators and the continued            supply of food from bird feeders and seeds, fresh water, and breeding sites in the ledge, rooftops and buildings             have made them dangerous feral animals. They are common sites in urban areas such as squares in London and New York City.

                 * If not controlled, feral pigeons can cause damage to buildings and concrete structures because of their droppings. Their droppings or bird poop is acidic and corrosive to metal and concrete surfaces.

               * Pigeon poop is not only unsightly but carries disease risks due to its microbial content. Transmissible diseases                    include Candidiasis a vaginal and mouth infections, histoplasmosis – a lung disease, E.coli, St.Louis encephalitis which brings fever, headache and cryptococcosis which is a nervous and pulmonary disease.

Pigeon Control

    * Install stainless steel pigeon spikes in ledges, roof sidings and around chimneys to deter pigeons from roosting and building nests.

    * Place a hawk or owl replica to scare away birds.

    * Install food trigger cage traps that allow pigeon to go inside but not to go outside.

    * Call a professional wildlife removal services that can catch pigeon humanely.

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