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4seasons 05-17-2017

Six Lifestyles that can Speed up your Ageing

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Aging is inevitable and time will come you will experience skin discoloration, hair graying, eyesight and muscle weakness. Before you reach the aging ages, you can do something to prevent or avoid the degenerative impact of aging. Below are some of the five lifestyles that can speed up your aging. Of course, these lifestyles are presented here, so that you learn how to avoid them.

  Bad eating habits - This one refers to the consumption of highly addicting foods that are high in calories, low in fiber, high in sodium and high in saturated fat. Numerous and confirmed lab studies and nutritional literature told that these foods contribute to heart disease and diabetes which can shorten lifespan. For instance, bad eating habits such as munching on low calorie but high sugary donuts. A high sugar but low in calorie diet can increase the likelihood of diabetes which is a disease that can bring amputation, gangrene and eyesight loss. Similarly, eating a non-balanced diet will lead to nutrient deprivation. To reverse bad eating habits, switch to vegetable and fruit kingdom.

Lack of Sleep and diabetes - At some point of your sleep, you may have worked a night shift. At this time, you endured weeks, months and years of 8 hours lack of sleep. Medical journals and websites across the internet and studies found that a lack of sleep can increase the risk of diabetes. In particular, those that are used to not sleeping at night or in other words not experiencing drowsiness or dozing during a night shift.

Indulging in vices - Smoking and excessive alcohol intake can both accelerate your organ and skin aging. Smokers' skin ages quickly and their bones tend to quickly develop osteoporosis. Women smokers can experience menopause early compared to non-smokers. Excessive alcoholic beverage intake can harm your liver and increase the likelihood of cirrhosis which is life threatening. Indeed, people who indulge in vices rarely reach the 50s, 60s, and 80s.


Lack of Exercise - Without exercise, your body can hardly burn calories and instead store it as fat in your tummy, thighs, legs and shoulders. The result is fat accumulation which can increase diabetes and heart disease. When you stop exercise, you'll begin muscle atrophy or wasting of muscles. You will lose lean muscle and start to develop fats around your muscle. Start now thinking that exercise is not just for losing weight.

  Stressful living - Worrying too much, can speed up your aging as much as indulging in vices and unhealthy foods. Owen Wolkowitz MD, a professor of psychiatry at UC San Francisco found a link between shorter telomerase and chronic depression. Similar studies found a correlation or link between stress and shortening of telomerase which shortens as you age. The better way to counter stress is to engage in positive thoughts, avoid self-defeating thinking and engaging in entertaining games.

Forgetting good fats - Not all fats are bad for the health. In fact, good fats such as omega fatty acids can be found in oily sardines and nuts.  A serving of canned sardines in olive oil plus rinds of cucumber and carrots can yield a plethora of nutrients such as omega 3, iodine, copper, selenium, and vitamin B3. Without these good fats, you can deprive yourself with the goodness of omega 3 fatty acids and DHA.

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