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They usually nest underground beneath a landscape timber, or in a rock wall of a building, or at ground level in fallen logs and trees stumps, they can also be found under stairs, in fences, posts, brick walls etc.

Wasps are often found nesting in wall voids, attics, or crawl spaces, brick holes around window frames etc.

In the spring the fertilized female builds a small nest and begins to laying eggs she looks after her larvae until the first brood matures into female workers. As many as several thousand workers, may produce in a colony in one season. Males develop from unfertilized eggs toward the end of summer and mate. When cold weather arrives, all the wasps including the queen die except young mated females.

Adult's feed on nectar and other insects, larvae are provided with pre-chewed insects and pieces of meat. Bees can become pests around outdoor seating areas and garbage cans because they are always scavenging for food scrapes they also forage for sources of sugar or other carbohydrates, such as fruits, and sweet beverages.


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